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Globally Trusted Distributor for Power Supplies & Adapters

Established in 1986 with the development of products for the US Military, SMX Power soon shifted to make its mark in the global AC/DC power distribution industry. Now, since 1991, SMX Power stands as one of the world’s most trusted and sought-after power supply distributors for top manufacturers. Our AC-DC adapters and DC-DC switching power supplies, adapters, and more have become the workhorses of multiple industries that thousands now count on for lasting functionality and value.

About Us

Explore Our High-Grade Power Suppliers

  • AC-DC Power Converters

    Open frame, enclosed, and other high-quality converters. 40W and up.

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  • Adapters

    Desktop and wall-mounted, durable adapters. 5W and up.

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  • DC-DC Products

    Open frame, enclosed, and U-channel medically certified products. 40W and up.

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  • Medical Products

    Medically certified products ranging from 40W and up.

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High-Performance. Durable. Flexible. 

Our Power Products Match Your Needs.

Built for different spatial conditions and power demands, each of our power supply, AC-DC converters, and adapters deliver exceptional performance at all levels. We conduct strict quality and compliance checks, ensuring you get the highest quality products, every time.

From low-rippled DC-DC converters to high-efficiency AC-DC converters, we source world-class products from leading manufacturers, fulfilling all your power needs.

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Industries We Serve

  • Gaming

  • Industries Power Supply

  • ITE power

  • Medical Power

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