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Globally Trusted Distributor for Power Supplies & Adapters

Established in 1986 with the development of products for the US Military, SMX Power soon shifted to make its mark in the global AC/DC power distribution industry. Now, since 1991, SMX Power stands as one of the world’s most trusted and sought-after power supply distributors for top manufacturers.

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Explore Our High-Grade Power Suppliers

  • AC-DC Power Converters

    Open frame, enclosed, and other high-quality converters. 40W and up.

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  • Adapters

    Desktop and wall-mounted, durable adapters. 5W and up.

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  • DC-DC Products

    Open frame, enclosed, and U-channel medically certified products. 40W and up.

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  • Medical Products

    Medically certified products ranging from 40W and up.

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High-Performance. Durable. Flexible. 

Our Power Products Match Your Needs.

Built for different spatial conditions and power demands, each of our power supply, converters, and adapters deliver exceptional performance at all levels. We conduct strict quality and compliance checks, ensuring you get the highest quality products, every time.

From low-rippled DC-DC converters to high-efficiency AC-DC converters, we source world-class products from leading manufacturers, fulfilling all your power needs.

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Industries We Serve

  • Gaming

  • Industries Power Supply

  • ITE power

  • Medical Power

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